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'Business owners are beginning to understand that displaying artwork in the workplace does more than make the office aesthetically pleasing; it can actually increase employee efficiency, productivity and creativity.' - Forbes

Increasingly artwork is being used by business to empower and motivate staff, and also leave a lasting brand impression on clients. Artwork placed throughout the workplace can have subtle effects on mood and receptiveness, provide conversation pieces, and show that there is pride in the space.

There are several ways I can help introduce photographic artwork into your workspace;

  • A consultation either in-person or with supporting photographs of your workplace that concentrate on the mood and goals of each environment, with recommendations of photographic artwork then presented for you to consider.
  • Custom artwork can be created that reflects your products, services, premises or local scenery.
  • Research conducted by Dr. Craig Knight of the University of Exeter suggests that empowering staff to contribute to deciding which art to place in the workplace and where has significant increases in productivity. I can come to your workplace and run a small workshop with your team that identifies positions for artwork and what artwork can be placed there.
  • Artwork can be purchased outright or can be made available through a leasing arrangement. An owned piece of artwork can be moved around a building and retained as an asset. A leased artwork can be swapped periodically (such as every six months) so that your space is always exciting.
  • We can also make artwork available as a wall-fitting decal so an entire wall can become art.

There are some great articles about the benefits of artwork in the workplace. I'd be happy to discuss the possibilities, and you can also check out the following links;

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