Photography Workshops

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”
— Ansel Adams

There are so many valid ways to improve photography, lighting and specific photographic techniques. But many avenues of learning rely on knowing the right questions to ask. Sometimes we end up looking to the newest and most exciting equipment instead and forget to put the same effort into improving ourselves. Ultimately there are no right or wrong answers, and each person learns and develops differently. But talking to a mentor or peer at the right time can help us on the right path in our personal journeys.

Due to the time I spend helping to arrange events for the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) and the AP Collective, my offerings are all tailor-made on request and without pre-set scheduling.

I'm up for anything, here are some ideas to get you started;

  • Mastery of intermediate camera skills such as photographing with manual settings, or using external lighting sources.
  • An in-depth look at editing your photography in Lightroom and how to achieve an efficient workflow or achieve certain effects. Many of my award-winning photographs are straight out of Lightroom with no further editing.
  • Wedding photography whether it's developing products for your clients, or using flash at the reception.
  • Live music photography - at least until I release my tell-all guide!
  • Location scouting and planning photographs.
  • Developing a personal project.
  • Entering awards or critiquing your potential award prints.
  • Come to Tasmania, set a budget, and shoot amazing landscapes with me.
  • Have me as a group instructor on an international trip. Especially my expertise in travelling New Zealand, Norway, Japan and Iceland.

All of these ideas and more can be scaled to the individual, small groups, or groups from camera clubs.

Let's put a workshop together!

Get in touch today to discuss your needs without obligation.