Too Close


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Too Close

Printed on premium fine art paper and individually signed on a white border by Matt Palmer, AIPP Master of Photography.

This very easily could have been a photograph of a person’s final moments. While driving around the Reykjanes Peninsula I saw waves rising above the distant horizon. I drove straight towards the area knowing that there must be absolutely monstrous waves for them to be visible.

On arrival, I met this Icelandic gentleman in his wet-weather gear, well suited to the spot. He explained when the winds pick up (They were around 100kmph) the waves from the ocean would crash into this spot and it was one of his favourite things to observe.

I observed this tourist walking close to the edge. There was no point in calling out, it was far too loud and windy. Fortunately, the wave crashed over him and he managed to keep his footing, and perhaps become a little wiser to the danger of these waves. Many have been lost in Iceland when they have underestimated the force of the ocean.

Three sizes are available. For larger or custom sizes contact hello{at}mattpalmer{dot}co

A 5cm paper border is included in all sizes for easy signing and framing.
Printed artwork contains no watermark.

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